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Cutting Edge IT Services

Since 2012, Tech Control Center has been providing our customers with cutting-edge, quality IT services including Web Development, App Development, Computer Servicing & Repair, Managed & Cloud IT, and much more!

About Our Company

Since 2012, Tech Control Center has been providing our customers with many IT services including Web Design & Development, App Development, Computer Repair & IT Servicing, SEO, Cloud Services, and many more services to assist you and your business.

Our goal is not only to have you and your company be our next customer, but to also keep you as a long term customer. The way we accomplish this is by providing the best solutions, analytics, and support to our customers. Our customers always come first!

Tech Control Center directly provides our customers with IT services. We primarily serve West Michigan however we have customers throughout both the United States and Europe. The majority of our customers are in the areas of Whitehall, Muskegon, Norton Shores, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Holland and Grand Rapids. The nice thing about IT services is it does not matter if you are next-door or halfway around the world, we are always ready and able to assist you, and your business with any IT services you may need.

Not only do we want to succeed but we want your company to succeed as well. Through the quoting process we always keep in mind who our customer is and what they need. We also may make recommendations based on past experiences and what we think will help improve your business.

We train all of our employees to keep "business needs" in mind. We understand that no two businesses are the same. When needed, we take a look at our client's business, who their primary customers are, and what needs to be done to achieve maximum efficiency with our products and services without compromising the features of the final product. A great example of this would be web development for a company that has customers worldwide. We always take into consideration that the website needs not only run correctly in the US but halfway around the world where our client's customers are as well. What good is a website if your customers can't see or even read it?

We provide many other business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) services as well. Please contact us for more information. We also frequenty work within budgets of non-proffit organizations. 

Putting Our Customer's First

We work with all of our customers to find the best solution to their problems. We work with our customers based on what they need as well as what they can afford.

Cutting Edge Technology

We love innovation. There is always new technology coming out. Our goal is innovation, through the use of cutting edge technology we make innovation possible.

Trained & Certified Employees

All of our employees are highly trained & certified. We take pride in knowing that we have "the right people" for the job.

Services We Offer

Web Development

When built & managed correctly, a website is often the best form of marketing for your company. Your website is almost always the first stop for a potential customer. We strive to produce great products and services for our customers, through our extensive planning process you can rest assured we will deliver to you a great website that perfectly fits your needs. We have experience with almost every type of website including eCommerce, Traditional Websites, Web Applications, and almost everything in between.

App Development

Do you need more than a website? Do you need a custom built Web-App, IOS App, Android App, or maybe an app for a proprietary system? We do it all! We love building apps. With countless possibilities for your next app, you want to make sure it is built correctly. All of our app development projects go through an extensive planning stage to insure the final product is exactly what you want and need out of your app. You can count on us to deliver your next professionally developed application.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website won’t help you if your customers can not find it. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is a process to optimize your website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and several more. Every website we build is SEO friendly however, unfortunately search engines are always changing their algorithms. As an additional service, we keep your website updated with the latest SEO best practices as they get released, which could change as little as a few days after an initial optimization.

Managed & CLOUD IT

Your company's datacenter and business/mission critical systems should always be managed by the right people. We offer both Managed IT and Cloud IT. We also offer a "Hybrid" between the two if your company requires certain systems to be "on-site" and certain systems to be in the "Cloud". There are many benefits to both Cloud IT and Managed IT. Depending on the services that the systems provide, we can analyze your needs and calculate the best and most efficient way for your company's systems to operate.

Computer Repair, Helpdesk, & Support

Computers crash or fail to function properly at the worst times. We offer two types Computer Repair & Troubleshooting services. We offer "as needed" servicing as well as service plans to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We offer both phone & internet support, as well as in person support. We also offer extended hours and dedicated support technicians with our service plans, this is a great solution for larger businesses as well as businesses that operate outside of typical business hours. Our employees are trained to be able to fix any hardware issue or software issue your computer may encounter. We also offer custom built computers for any purpose including "Industry Specific" needs.

Other Services

At Tech Control Center we offer a broad range of IT services that also includes Web Marketing & Monetization, Systems Administration, Networking, Consulting, Audio/Video, Radio Technologies, and many more IT services to assist your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business by delivering to you, the best IT services available.

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